Who We Serve

Our clients and their success are extremely important to us. Deloitte MarketPoint — with its predecessors, MarketPoint Incorporated and Altos Management Partners (the sibling companies acquired by Deloitte to form Deloitte MarketPoint) — has a long history of helping customers make strategic decisions using our industry-leading solutions and market specialists.

This history includes many strategic decisions that have built our reputation for providing solutions to help customers understand their markets and price their products. And we offer some of the most respected industry specialists.

Because we are committed to our customers' success, we focus on understanding their requirements and bringing together the appropriate solution components to augment their existing resources and meet their needs.

Our customers represent a wide range of companies in the energy industry, globally and across all of the major energy-related commodities.

What Our Customers Say

Below is a sampling of customer and industry professionals' comments about our solutions and our people. These are included to characterize how we are viewed by others in your industry. Many of our customers prefer to remain anonymous. We respect this preference and have taken care to give examples without providing names or geographic detail. The history goes back a few decades, so in some instances, the use cases refer to precursor versions of MarketBuilder and its current suite of models. As MarketBuilder has evolved over time, it has been designed to better enable our customers to be more self-sufficient in utilizing our technology in their decision-making processes.

Selected comments:

"Deloitte MarketPoint did a fine job working with many different (large southeastern U.S. utility name omitted) personnel, collecting the information, analyzing the problem, and effectively communicating the results and conclusions. The insights that we have gained from this analysis could result in a significant savings to (company name) that could be in the order of millions of dollars."
Plant Manager, large southeastern U.S. utility

"I've worked with Deloitte MarketPoint enough to know you are making significant contributions to the electric utility industry. Your knowledge and insights have been valuable to us."
Senior Treasury Analyst, large eastern U.S. utility

"I believe that your risk analysis methodology has the merit to become an industry standard."
Director, Corporate Sales, large western utility

"... one of the premier analytical consulting firms with significant capability to come up with innovative and unusual solutions. Of particular relevance has been their ability to come up with innovative approaches to problem solving."
President, Generating and Engineering, large energy development company

"Members of our group are extremely enthusiastic about your modeling capability, your software, and most importantly, you."
Manager, Engineering Physics Division, U.S. Department of Energy, science and technology research laboratory

"This is good science."
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, large western utility, referring to Deloitte MarketPoint's use of MarketBuilder for analysis supporting testimony before a southern state's public service commission for the successful approval of the utility's proposed merchant gas combined-cycle power project

"We have received far greater value than I would have expected from a client consultant relationship."
Vice President, large western U.S. utility

"When a Senior Advisor at Deloitte MarketPoint told us boldly that southwest gas would turn backward and flow east, we all had a good laugh at his expense. His prediction was so far from what we had been thinking that it seemed preposterous at the time; it seemed to us it just couldn't happen. Well, guess what. It happened exactly like he and NARG said it would. He was absolutely right, and I became a believer in NARG."
Commissioner, California Energy Commission

"This firm produced a model, which represents a major advance in service pricing. Their work has been of the highest quality. I feel the PPM has provided not only ... (our company) ... but potentially the entire telephone industry with a valuable pricing tool."
Vice President, large telecom company, speaking of the Deloitte Marketpoint model enabling the largest telecom companies to maximize profitability in pricing decisions