MarketPoint Advantages


You need a way of looking at the energy market that's as dynamic as the market itself. We call it "an equilibrium-derived zero-arbitrage view." You can call it "real life."

What are projected oil, gas, and power prices likely to be over your planning cycle future? Behind that question is a global, multivariate math problem of staggering complexity.  And your organization needs the answer to make the regular decisions that shape an even more important question: Where will you be in the future?

To anticipate the market, you have to start with what you know and work toward what you want to learn — not the other way around. Competing methods start with assumptions and test against them to produce localized results. Deloitte MarketPoint starts with hard data, then lets the laws of supply and demand determine the outcomes for an objective, global view.

Better data

Simulations and forecasts are as good as the data that goes into them. Deloitte MarketPoint collects and validates data for its models, and works with vendors to satisfy data requirements. That lets us forecast based on market fundamentals, not by extrapolating past curves.

Forecasting in the real world, for the real world

The energy plans you make today are shaped by the countless variables the marketplace can throw at them. When you pursue advantage along a supply/demand curve, others are pursuing the same prize at the same time. Demand for different fuels is balanced differently across time and geography. Each participant in your supply chain acts in its own self-interest, not in concert. Deloitte MarketPoint accounts for these complexities to offer deeply granular solutions.

Transparency = reliability

Deloitte MarketPoint Reference Cases for world oil and natural gas markets and the North American integrated energy market are released with updated data and analysis twice a year. The critical data and assumptions we use to serve our clients are transparent for our clients to see. The forecasts we provide are consistent but you can compare them to your own view of markets, by simulating your own assumptions side by side with ours — to model your view or play what if across alternative scenarios. But each of Deloitte MarketPoint's Reference Case forecasts provides a high quality starting point for your decision support needs. It's action-ready when you need it — that's "Analytics Your Way."

Tools that work

MarketBuilder, the software heart of Deloitte MarketPoint's analysis, has been continuously used, market-tested and refined since it began in 1970 as the Generalized Equilibrium Modeling System (GEMS) developed for Gulf Oil by economists at the Stanford Research Institute. The U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Gas Research Institute and the California Energy Commission are among the bodies that have used MarketBuilder over the years. Today MarketBuilder is used by some of the world's largest and most influential oil and gas, energy and commodity companies.

Leading analytics

Since acquiring MarketPoint in 2011, Deloitte has redoubled its commitment to renew models, tools, and delivery methods to meet tomorrow's needs. As a result, our offering today is like no other on the market.

Configurable delivery options

An in-house solution gives you control but taxes your team and capabilities. A service-based solution is easy to use, but out of your hands. Deloitte's managed analytics capabilities offer the advantages of control and convenience, with a choice of in-house and subscription-based delivery methods.

Our reference cases provide a common factual starting point that users can interact with in customizable ways.   And our approach encompasses the complexity of the real energy market — the way possibility influences probability — as well as how actors in the system, from drillers to refiners to transporters to sellers, pursue their own self-interest — the way markets actually work.

To pursue opportunity, you need to manage uncertainty. Deloitte MarketPoint combines the data, tools, and human insight you need to make decisions with confidence.