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The balancing act - A look at oil market fundamentals over the next five years Since mid-2014, the crude oil market cycle has turned downward, resulting in ever lower prices, leading to deep capital expenditure (CAPEX) reductions, and creating turmoil across the oil and gas industry. Recently, market prices briefly slipped below $30 per barrel (/bbl). Some analysts are predicting even lower prices while others are arguing for a modest recovery—at least in the near term. DOWNLOAD
Journey to Grid Parity - Three converging forces provide a tailwind for US renewable power
In the US, the debate about when renewable energy will achieve "grid parity", or the ability to compete on equal footing with conventional source of generation, generally assumes the continuation of at least some state and federal subsidies for wind power and utility-scale solar photovoltaics (PV). This analysis, however, takes a different track. Here, subsidies have been purposefully excluded from the assessment of grid parity in order to provide a different, and perhaps more relevant, perspective on the competitiveness of the renewable energy sector. DOWNLOAD
Oil Prices in Crisis-
Considerations and Implications for the Oil and Gas Industry 
It seems one cannot go a day without seeing a headline about the low price of oil and the potential impacts to the US and global economy and the oil and gas industry. In order to help make sense of the myriad of information available, we have broken down the issue into the following fundamental questions DOWNLOAD
Condensate: The Next Big Shift in the Shale Revolution @ Work The shale revolution at work today across the oil and gas industry was made possible by scrappy entrepreneurs risking their own capital and futures to pursue opportunities from onshore exploration and production in tight oil and gas formations and shale plays that the larger majors and super majors ignored. While the biggest players went offshore in the deeper water looking for big reserve growth, these revolutionaries used commercially available technologies available to them in 3D seismic imaging, horizontal drilling, and hydraulic fracturing to change the industry—and the world. DOWNLOAD
Ten Factors Driving World Oil Markets Deloitte MarketPoint Reference Case provides independent and consistent views of the oil, gas and power markets, built up from the regional level to provide a global perspective. This fundamental analysis of supply and demand and the implications for prices, infrastructure investment and global competitive positioning cover a 25-year planning period using MarketBuilder, a multi-agent generalized equilibrium modeling solution offering global scale yet highly detailed analysis to help clients make sense of market uncertainty and change.

The World Oil Markets Reference Case identified ten key factors driving world oil markets.
North America Shale Gas Growth Pulls LNG Exports The US is projected to become a net exporter of natural gas as LNG by 2017. The growth in gas supply exceeding expected demand and the pull of higher prices for natural gas in foreign markets such as Asia sets up the LNG exports scenario. Shale gas supply growth across North America is also profoundly altering historic market relationships between the US, Canada and Mexico in the world's largest integrated energy market. US pipeline gas exports to Mexico are projected to rise to 6 bcf/d by 2035 competing with more expensive LNG that otherwise might go to Mexico. DOWNLOAD
The Amazing Power of 'What If'Scenarios Make Insight Actionable     Scenario analysis is a powerful and pragmatic way to manage uncertainty and assess strategy options and risks. Scenario analysis makes insight actionable. At Deloitte MarketPoint we combine the qualitative power of scenario analysis with the quantitative power of our World Oil, World Gas, and Integrated Energy Markets modeling solutions to help our clients anticipate future risks and opportunities. DOWNLOAD
The Math Does Not Lie:
Factoring the future of the U.S. electric power industry
What will the U.S. electric power industry look like in the future? Discussions with senior electric power company executives suggest a lot has changed over the last four years that is challenging the conventional wisdom about where the industry may be heading.

This report provides a straightforward approach to examining the future through a simple framework using a mathematical equation.
Beyond the math: Preparing for disruption and innovation in the US electric power industry      This report, part of a Deloitte series on innovation, offers electric sector stakeholders a way to think about the industry's coming evolution so that they can determine if, when, and how to pursue transforming their business models. It also challenges stakeholders as to whether their organizations have what it will take to break the constraints to true innovation and move confidently toward a profitable, successful future. DOWNLOAD
The New Math: Solving the equation for disruption to the U.S. electric power industry Completing Deloitte's series of papers on the future of the electric power industry, which includes The Math Does Not Lie and Beyond the Math, this final installment examines a fundamental shift already occurring in the electric industry's "license to do business", and "participants in the game", and sets forth frameworks electric companies may consider as they transition to new business models to confront the challenges and seize the opportunities that lie ahead. DOWNLOAD
Deloitte MarketPoint World Oil Markets: Is Mexico Back in the World Oil & Gas Race? This report from Deloitte MarketPoint examines whether or not Mexico is back in the World Oil and Gas race. DOWNLOAD
Navigating a fractured future: Insights into the future of the North American natural gas market This report from Deloitte MarketPoint and the Deloitte Center for Energy Solutions takes a closer look at the future of the North American and global gas markets and offers strategic insights. DOWNLOAD
Exporting the American Renaissance: Global Impacts of LNG Exports from the United States This report from Deloitte MarketPoint and the Deloitte Center for Energy Solutions that gives an objective, economic-based analysis of the potential impact of LNG exports from the United States on domestic and global markets. DOWNLOAD