What is Deloitte MarketPoint?


Deloitte MarketPoint is a leading provider of energy resource economics, market fundamental analysis and strategic insight for the global oil, gas and power markets. Deloitte MarketPoint helps clients frame the uncertainty in their economic future. Using cutting-edge technologies, we offer actionable decision support solutions that capture the way world markets actually work.

You're investing real money in real outcomes, so you don't have the luxury of ignoring troublesome variables or shortcutting "what-ifs" to make your analysis simpler. With Deloitte MarketPoint, you don't have to. We use detailed market data, global consulting experience, time-tested models, and proprietary tools like MarketBuilder to build actionable future views—not of the commodity market, but of your commodity market.

Energy economics are complex and volatile. But they aren't random. And the decisions that shape your company's future ride on how well you can anticipate and respond to market behavior. When you have the data, know the history, and possess the right analytics tools—and use them the right ways—you can frame the uncertainty that surrounds your most critical energy-related decisions.

Deloitte MarketPoint combines tools and talent—on one hand the MarketBuilder software and the models and data that power it, and on the other hand the professional experience and consultative advisory support that can help you translate analytical findings into better decisions. Together, these elements add up to 360 degrees of support.

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Deloitte MarketPoint Reference Cases provide independent and consistent views of the oil, gas and power markets, built up from the regional level to provide a consistent, independent global perspective. Each Reference Case is delivered to subscribers live on our online platform and includes a summary of the analysis, insights, data files, presentation decks—and the unique ability to play what-if scenarios with your data to create your own forecasts.

Deloitte MarketPoint Managed Analytics give your company a flexible alternative to bringing models in-house-- our live modeling platform, Deloitte MarketPoint Interactive, to augment your in-house capabilities. This subscription-based service puts the combined simulation modeling power of Deloitte MarketPoint online platform, models, reference cases, scenarios and experience at your fingertips—so you can evaluate assumptions, data and scenarios to improve decision support, often at a lower total cost of ownership.

Deloitte MarketPoint Advisory Services deliver the market and industry tested experience that brings out the insight and analysis to inform and speed decisions. Our teams are made up of energy industry veterans and the full spectrum of Deloitte's global business experience. They help you guide business strategy, identify opportunities, inform decisions about uncertainty and risk, and target capital investment to make sense in fast-changing energy market condition.

MarketBuilder is the analytical engine at the heart of Deloitte MarketPoint—a suite of microeconomic simulation software tools that lets companies analyze energy resource and commodity market fundamentals and perform scenario analysis of opportunities and risks. MarketBuilder has been constantly refined since economists at the Stanford Research Institute developed it for Gulf Oil as the Generalized Equilibrium Modeling System (GEMS) in 1970.