Advisory Services

As part of the Deloitte Center for Energy Solutions, Deloitte MarketPoint offers a broad scope of strategic market analysis (both quantitative and fundamental). Our experienced specialists utilize advanced analytics and independent market data in the rigorous analysis of the elements in the energy value chain. Whether your business activities include corporate planning, upstreaming, downstreaming, marketing, trading, and/or risk management, we have the experience and tools available to assist you in solving a range of analytic questions: consulting, training, and even special advisory products.


Deloitte MarketPoint specialists form an experienced platform for delivering a broad range of consulting services. Drawing on a diverse background of applications and industries, our team can address a wide variety of market needs that include:

  • Analysis of the output and results from client models, including the creation of custom reports and presentations
  • Market knowledge transfer which may include assistance in conceptualizing and developing custom models to reflect actual or proposed market structures
  • Complete custom consulting solutions, such as total model development, data gathering, or MarketBuilder system integration


Maximizing the value of a powerful tool such as Deloitte MarketBuilder is best achieved by an organization through an understanding of both how the tool operates and how to operate it actually. How each company is structured affects how these understandings are distributed, and so Deloitte MarketPoint offers customizable training to suit your particular needs.

  • High level, economic modeling training gives a deep understanding of how MarketBuilder operates to ensure the best strategic application of the model
  • Software mechanics training gives the appropriate resources the skills to operate the model and institute productive workflows efficiently
  • Systems design and integration can be done in conjunction with consulting services

Product Offerings

In the normal course of developing and using MarketBuilder, Deloitte MarketPoint specialists continuously analyze the ever-changing markets and their evolving fundamentals. Periodically, Energy Sector Reports will be produced that take deep looks at emerging issues while utilizing MarketBuilder to gain insights. These reports can be distributed in several ways, including:

  • Freely offered for those interested in energy issues
  • Available to MarketPoint clients with appropriate service agreements
  • Released on a subscription or fee basis