Managed Analytics

Deloitte MarketPoint Managed Analytics extends the reach of its oil, gas and power Reference Cases to put the simulation modeling power of MarketPoint at your fingertips. Managed Analytics enables your company to leverage our Reference Cases to augment your in-house capabilities or as an alternative to bringing models in-house. This service is designed to help companies evaluate their assumptions, data and scenarios to improve decision support, often at a lower total cost of ownership. Think of it as market analytics your way.

Typically, this service option would involve Deloitte MarketPoint:

  • Analyzing and assessing the client's needs
  • Defining the managed analytics work scope:
    • Defining the pre-scheduled simulation run work scope, frequency, and key variables and assumption with the client
    • Running simulations on agreed upon schedule delivering output results, agreed upon standard reports, and a conference call discussion of the results
    • Responding to client requests for supplement simulation runs, discussion of emerging issues, peaking needs and other requirements, handling them within the terms of the agreement
  • Building custom models (configurations) and implementing solutions:
    • Running the solution using the Deloitte MarketPoint reference case advisory service as a starting point with the client custom configuration
    • Interpreting results and documenting the solution
  • Providing extensive hands-on training and initial support
  • Offering ongoing maintenance:
    • Additional support that includes an assigned Deloitte MarketPoint manager to serve as the trusted advisor analytics coach
    • Additional training as and when required as mentioned in the engagement letter
    • Updates to licensed models
    • Software upgrades that include all version updates as mentioned in the engagement letter
    • Invitation to Deloitte conferences, such as Oil & Gas or Energy & Resources, user group meetings as well as webinars for licensed solutions