A premier solution for rigorous fundamental analysis in commodity markets

Companies need to understand the future better and act more quickly than their competitors. MarketBuilder addresses this need by providing a thorough approach to understanding rapidly evolving markets and modeling future prices.

MarketBuilder is Deloitte MarketPoint's software solution — via its products — for fundamentally modeling markets and projecting global and regional energy prices. It provides an integrated approach to modeling the global energy market — including power, natural gas, crude oil, refined products, coal, and emissions markets. With MarketBuilder's completeness and transparency, our customers can make better strategic decisions by:

  • Managing the complexity and size inherent in projecting prices in today's markets
  • Better utilizing their proprietary knowledge and data
  • Increasing their confidence that they are not missing any key fundamental factors

A differentiating software solution

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MarketBuilder is a software product line that enables users to accurately simulate supply-and-demand behavior by easilybuilding economic models of complete supply chains for the global energy market. MarketBuilder uses sound economic methods to account for the spatial and technically diverse nature of the energy markets. This allows a thorough model of cross-asset characteristics, such as prices, basis differentials, flowing quantities, and new capacity and reserve additions.

MarketBuilder differentiates itself by including critical dimensions often missed by market observations and other approaches because it:

  • Works with thinly traded, illiquid markets, as well as more actively traded markets
  • Works with nontraded markets or locations
  • Works in the short-, medium-, and long-term
  • Enables companies to easily answer what-if questions
  • Helps users quantify risk and uncertainty
  • Provides a fully integrated and interconnected approach with an agent-based, fully functional, fully interconnected suite of models that span all commodity types and geographic regions

Meeting the broad requirements for understanding today's energy market

MarketBuilder is:

  • Comprehensive. Missing a key element can throw off results dramatically.
  • Integrated. The solution needs to match the interconnected relationship of the markets.
  • Flexible. Customers can apply their proprietary information and knowledge to the models.
  • Transparent. Being able to easily see the data and assumptions in a model allows users to be confident and able to document their decision process.
  • Time-tested. MarketBuilder has demonstrated an ability to get it right while continuing to evolve in a constantly changing global market.
  • Easy to use. Even the best modeling system is useless unless it is also easy to use.