Reference Cases

Deloitte MarketPoint Reference Cases provide independent and consistent views of the oil, gas and power markets, built up from the regional level to provide a global perspective. Each Reference Case includes the deliverables you need — summary of the analysis, insights, data files, and presentation decks — plus the unique ability to play what-if scenarios with your data to create your own forecasts. Unlike traditional forecast services, our Reference Cases are delivered live on the interactive MarketPoint Interactive platform to put our highly transparent, granular and easily configurable models at your fingertips.

Consistent view of market fundamentals

Deloitte MarketPoint offers three new Reference Cases to address the key fundamental market questions of supply and demand for energy. The subscription based services provide twice yearly updates of long term fundamentals for:

  • World Gas Markets
  • World Oil Markets
  • North American Multi-Fuel Integrated Markets

Quick start MarketBuilder simulation modeling solved case

Each Reference Case provides a high quality consistent, transparent starting point for simulation analysis using the powerful general equilibrium economic modeling platform "MarketBuilder." This provides a granular, real world analysis of energy market fundamentals. The Reference Case deliverables include:

  •  Detailed PowerPoint summary slide deck
  • Searchable Adobe pdf Reference Case market analysis
  • Extensive Excel databases covering all of the input assumptions
  • Detailed scenario projections of price, supply, demand, and transportation
  • Discussion of key market drivers and results
  • Access to Deloitte MarketPoint trusted advisors
  • The analysis is updated two times per year for ease of use

Analytics decision support

Deloitte MarketPoint is continuously in the market assisting clients assess opportunity, balance uncertainty and find market equilibrium in a world of constant change. Gain from our experience; leverage our market leading general equilibrium-based simulation models and services to provide a consistent basis for decision analysis across your enterprise.

  • What is the potential impact of shale production growth on expected gas price?
  • What are the implications if the U.S. becomes a net exporter of energy?
  • What are the cost implications of carbon emissions caps on power generation?
  • How might new supply terminals in Australia affect global LNG prices?
  • How might resurgence in NGL production in North America affect industry?
  • How could energy infrastructure be changed by the shale gas revolution?
  • What are the expected trade differentials between U.S. light crudes and global light crude benchmarks?

How do I use Deloitte MarketPoint Reference Cases?

Deloitte MarketPoint provides three different ways to put the Reference Cases to use for corporate decision support:

  • Use Deloitte MarketPoint Reference Cases in MarketBuilder Models — the models provide a consistent, transparent, current basis for simulation analysis across your enterprise. The constant change in energy market fundamentals means you should consider refreshing your model long term at least twice yearly and short term more frequently. MarketPoint Reference Cases eliminates that time consuming hassle and enables your staff to get to work on the critical decision support needs of your business.
  • Use Deloitte MarketPoint Reference Cases as a Managed Service — Rather than run models yourself in-house, let MarketPoint do it for you. We will perform repeatable solution simulations of your portfolio, your corporate scenarios or assumptions as updates twice yearly each time we update the MarketPoint Reference Cases. That way you will have a refreshed view of energy market fundamentals and are able to conduct your own assessment of their impact and implications on your business.
  • Use Deloitte MarketPoint Reference Cases to find a Consensus View — Reference Case analysis is often used by clients seeking a consensus view of markets from many sources. Unlike others, our MarketPoint Reference Cases are updated on a regular six-month schedule for long term fundamentals using consistent methods and a concise analysis of market fundamentals, projected prices and their implications.

 refcase consensus  view

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